What are the office hours for the EcoVida Properties Office?

Our office is open by appointment only. Guests staying in our cabinas are permitted to enter through the gate, but for security purposes, please do not attempt entry without a prior appointment. Thanks for your cooperation!

Where is the EcoVida Properties Office located?

Our office is located on the Bejuco road outside of the Costa del Sol community (It is NOT in the office above the guard house in Costa del Sol). Our office is open by appointment only.

What does EcoVida mean?

"Eco" from ecology/ecological and "Vida" from the Spanish word for life, combined to represent the balance between our environment and our health & wellness, both mental and physical. We believe in living sustainably and providing vacation opportunities for anyone looking to take in all that Costa Rica has to offer, but doing so from an ecologically-minded perspective. This does not mean living in the jungle without electricity or running water -- it is a balance of combining creature comforts with methods that encourage reducing over or wasteful consumption, reusing when possible and recycling everything we can in unique and productive ways. One simple way we encourage conservation is by offering luxury vacation homes at low cost, but charging electricity separately. We have found this provides incentive to reduce over-consumption and help Costa Rica burn less fossil fuels in the production of electricity within a maxed-out power grid. We have found our guest acclimate much more quickly to the tropical lifestyle and spend far less in electricity than they would if paying higher prices for our rentals -- truly a win-win situation.

Who owns EcoVida Properties? 

Technically, EcoVida Properties is owned by EcoVida Holdings which has many ventures within Costa Rica. In the practical sense, EcoVida Properties is owned and operated by Shannon Playfair with the help of her husband when needed. Shannon and her husband are residents of Costa Rica while still active in their home country of Canada they set up this company out of the EcoVida Holdings umbrella in order to help neighbors with their investments in Costa Rica, provide full-time jobs to locals, and create an active operation that could interact with and support the local community through charitable projects such as the Bejuco School Project.

Does EcoVida Properties own all the properties it rents?

No, although the EcoVida umbrella owns a number of rental properties through various entities, most of the properties marketed by EcoVida Properties are owned by foreign owners who are absent from Costa Rica most of the time. EcoVida simply markets the properties along with its own to the benefit of all parties involved. A third-party property management company takes care of the check-in/out, cleaning, maintenance and guest relations while in one of these properties. EcoVida no longer manages any properties but relies on a trusted business partner for that function. We only assist in the rental process.