What are your office hours for the EcoVida Office?

Our office is open by appointment only. Guests staying in our cabinas are permitted to enter through the gate, but for security purposes, please do not attempt entry without a prior appointment. Thanks for your cooperation!

Where is your EcoVida Office located?

Our office is located on the Bejuco road outside of the Costa del Sol community. (It is NOT in the office above the guard house in Costa del Sol). Our office is open by appointment only.

Do I need to rent a car?

Most of our guests do rent a car during their stay but you can also use the local bus, taxis and private drivers to get around. If you are planning to do a lot of travelling and exploring then we highly recommend renting a car (4x4 is not necessary in our area, unless you want to get off the beaten track).

Is it safe?

Compared to many Latin American countries, Costa Rica is very safe. Please keep in mind that there can be petty theft so keep an eye on your valuables and money. Do not leave anything visible in your rental car or home. The community of Costa del Sol has excellent guards who patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but please remember to lock all windows and doors before you leave. It is not recommended to visit the beach after dark and don't leave valuables unattended on the beach.

Emergencies: 911


Parrita: 2779-9053

OIJ: 2777-1511/2777-0511

Red Cross: 2779-9090

Fire Dept.: 2779-9798

Is the beach safe for swimming?

Bejuco beach is a beautiful beach where people come to surf, boogie board, run and just enjoy time in the sun. At low tide it is also ideal for bike riding on the beach and long walks because the beach goes on for many kilometers. Like all beaches on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica please be aware that rip currents do exist. If you are not a strong swimmer please bring a boogie board or other flotation device in with you when you swim. If you get caught in a rip current DO NOT panic, let it carry you and swim parallel to the beach (Do not swim directly back to shore as you will waste your energy. Swimming parallel is key!). A lifeguard program has recently been started in Playa Bejuco so you will see them during peak times.

Can I drink the water?

The water from the local water company is considered potable and safe, however, we do recommend buying bottled water for drinking. The tap water is perfectly safe for brushing your teeth, washing food, cooking and even making coffee but it has a lot of sediment and is very hard water so it can upset some people's stomachs.

Are there any supplies I need to purchase before arriving?

The houses are stocked with basic supplies before your arrival (toilet paper, dish soap, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, hand soap, shampoo & conditioner, a small amount of laundry soap, etc.). Most of this you will find under the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. We leave enough for about 5-7 days and when you need more there is a small convenience store just outside the community. Our supermarket is just a 10 minute walk away across the highway, but depending on your time of arrival you will need to buy food and all foodstuffs (spices, sugar, salt, oils, paper towels, etc. are not supplied, unless left by the previous renter) and it may be more convenient to stop at one of the grocery stores prior to arrival.

Are there any supplies I need to purchase before departure?

If you have used up any supplies in the home, please replenish them before you leave so there is adequate supply for the next guest (Laundry soap, garbage bags, etc.).

Where do I put the garbage?

The gardeners that work for the community of Costa del Sol will pick up the garbage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning before 9am. Please place it in the garbage can provided and put it in front of the house for collection. Please remember to line the garbage can with a garbage bag and DO NOT leave garbage outside of the garbage bin can since this will attract animals. Garbage and compost instructions for the EcoVida Green cabinas are detailed on signage and the guest guide book.

Is there recycling pick-up?

There is no recycling pick up in our area, however, the EcoVida team collects recycling and once a week we take it to the local recycling depot. You can leave all your recycling in the garage and our staff will pick it up when they clean.  You can also bring recycling by our office during office hours. If recycling is put out with the garbage the gardeners will not recycle it and it will end up with the rest of the garbage.
The following can be recycled: Glass, Plastic Bottles, #1 and #2 plastic, aluminum cans, Tetra Paks -  (they cannot collect tin cans or paper). Please rinse all bottles, cans, jars and tetra paks.

We have food left after our vacation. What should we do with it?

Please do not to throw it in the garbage. It will always be put to good use and given to a family in need. Many workers here in Costa del Sol and families who live here in Bejuco appreciate any and all left over food.

How much does electricity cost?

It really depends on the individual and how much air conditioning they use. If you use a lot you will pay more than others who only use it at night or not at all. Lights, fans, etc. use very little electricity in comparison. For example, guests who really conserve have used as little as $50/week while others who need a lot of air conditioning have used as much as $300/week. Keep in mind that in the US and Canada the average price is about $0.09/KWh while here in Costa Rica it can be as much as $0.35/KWh. We use the posted rates of the electrical company and you can click HERE to see their website.

Can I flush toilet paper?

In many areas of Costa Rica you will see signs that say not to flush anything (including toilet paper). Here in the community of Costa del Sol the system can handle a SMALL amount of paper but DO NOT flush anything else. In our eco-cabinas, we ask that all toilet paper and other refuse be disposed of in the garbage cans provided.

Can I use the community areas?

If you have rented a home in the community of Costa del Sol you are welcome to use any of the community areas (pools, BBQ area, rancho, tennis courts, etc.). Please respect the owners and neighbours who live here by keeping noise to a minimum after 10pm, cleaning up the area before you leave it and listening to all instructions from the community managers and guards. If you are planning a party or a large gathering in one of the community areas please notify EcoVida in advance as community areas may require reservations and additional deposits may apply.

Can I smoke?

You may not, under any circumstances, smoke in the house or cabinas. You may smoke OUTSIDE far away from doors and windows. On the EcoVida property, you must smoke outside the gate (sorry). Any smell of smoke inside of the house will result in the loss of your damage deposit and you could face eviction without a refund if you or any of your guests are caught smoking inside during your stay. If you smoke in public areas in the community please do not litter your cigarettes on the ground.

Can I bring my pet? Can I bring a stray dog or cat in the house?

You may not, under any circumstances, have any pets or animals in the house. Many of our guests and owners of the homes are very allergic and cannot have pets in the homes. If there is evidence of a pet or animal in the home during your stay you will lose your damage deposit and could face eviction without refund.

Can I have extra guests or visitors?

Before your arrival we will require a list of everyone who will be in the home or cabina. Each home has a maximum occupancy (this number includes both adults and children). Each property has a different maximum capacity. You may not exceed this maximum without the written approval of EcoVida. Additional charges may apply for additional people. If this maximum occupancy is not respected you will lose your damage deposit and could face eviction without refund. Please email info@ecovidaproperties.com if you are planning on having additional overnight guests or daytime visitors that exceeds the maximum occupancy for the home you have rented.

What if I get sick? Is there a clinic or hospital?

There are a number of pharmacies and doctors available in Parrita for minor issues. You can also visit the Parrita clinic or the hospital in Quepos. For a private clinic you can go to Jaco or one of the top private hospitals in Central America is in Escazu (1.5 hours away).

Emergencies: 911


Jaco: 2643‐3667

Parrita: 2779‐8071

Quepos: 2777‐0922


Quepos: 2777‐0922

Jaco: C.A.R.E. Medical Center -  2643‐4300, Cell: 8353‐7456, Beeper: 2283‐2626 24 hour emergencies.

Escazu: CIMA

Do I need to tip the EcoVida Properties staff?

Tipping is not necessary but it is appreciated. If you wish to leave a small tip for our secretary, cleaners, pool maintenance, etc., you are welcome to either give it to our secretary in the office or leave it in your rental unit  when you check-out. Either way it will be divided between all the team members equally.

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