Our management style demands that you are apprised of all aspects of your property at any given time. You need not wait to hear from us, as we proactively manage your property with onsite check-ups, emergency fixes, and notification of any issues in the maintenance or cleaning of your property. We make updates to your online account as soon as possible, so you can login and check on the balance of your online account. We will contact you immediately and directly for emergencies!



We employ or contract reliable and hardworking staff to keep your investment in pristine condition. You are scheduled to have your house cleaned once every two weeks, while vacant. If you have renters or are onsite in your vacation home, we can arrange more frequent cleaning. We will work with you to organize a schedule that makes sense. We pride ourselves in organizing our staff in the most efficient manner possible to provide the utmost in care for your assets.

Alongside our Management services, we can arrange for, project manage, and verify completion on any type of maintenance, repair or construction activity. Or, you can simply request an ad-hoc quote from us at any time to complete a maintenance, repair or construction task.



Cleaning and Maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Impeccable results:
    1. Scheduled interior and exterior cleaning (Do not leave your property vacant in this climate without regular cleaning!);
    2. Washing of bedding and linens
    3. Cleaning of stove, fridge and other appliances
    4. Oil treatment of wood moldings, cupboards and furniture
    5. Dusting of all surfaces including periodic dusting of ceiling fans
    6. Washing of all floors and table surfaces
    7. Complete bathroom cleaning
    8. Cleaning the interior of all cabinets and cupboards
    9. Cleaning sediment out of taps and backs of toilets;
    10. Removal of any nests (birds, bees, wasps, etc…) built on the exterior or interior of your home;
    11. Scheduled exterior window cleaning;
    12. Preventative exterior cleaning including power-washing;
    13. "Deep cleaning" as needed;
    14. Gutter and sewage tubes cleaning as needed;
    15. Air-conditioner unit cleaning (done by trained technician);
    16. Arrange fumigation and pest control;
    17. Extra monthly gardening services;
    18. ...and much more!

 Repair and construction services include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality care:
    1. Appliance maintenance and repair;
    2. Air-conditioner unit maintenance and repair;
    3. Exterior and Interior painting;
    4. Drywall (gypsum) installation and repair;
    5. Concrete construction (ie, curb repair, deck building, etc.);
    6. Installation of ceiling fans with reinforcement;
    7. Installation and maintenance of gardens and landscaping
    8. Rental of tools and equipment for home improvement projects (ladders, paint supplies, tools, etc.)
    9. ... and much more!