Gaby - EcoVida

Gabriela – Lead Housekeeper


You will find Gaby cleaning our Green Cabinas and Casa Famosa in Costa del Sol, leading our "Clean Team". She is the envy of anyone who has ever cleaned a window as no one else is as good! She takes great pride in her work and her two beautiful girls. Gaby is married and is originally from San Carlos, but moved to Bejuco a number of years ago. She enjoys music, reading and loves to cook. She has worked in Costa del Sol for a number of years prior for various people, but joined EcoVida Properties full-time in June 2010. Gaby says, “Thanks everyone for the trust and the opportunity to work in your homes. I enjoy meeting new owners; I look forward to working in Playa Bejuco for many years."

Gerardo - Maintenance/ Painting/ Construction/ Gardening / Pools

Gerardo - Maintenance/ Painting/ Construction/ Gardening / Pools

You may see Gerardo around our Bejuco communities doing various things -- he is an extremely hard worker and interested in many, many things. He loves to paint, work with cement and small construction projects, and garden. In addition to his maintenance duties in all our homes, Gerardo is also our pool cleaning expert, taking care of a small number of pools for elite clientele including our own properties. Gerardo does not contain an "L". He's too polite to tell Americans and Canadians that it is not "Geraldo". He is married with two children and has lived in Bejuco all of his life right on the beach. He likes to fish and listen to music and definitely enjoys learning a new English word every day. He joined EcoVida full-time in June 2010.  Gerardo says, "I am so glad to work for the clients and owners here in Playa Bejuco, because they are so friendly and care. This makes me come back to the job every day!!!"

 Maya - "Guard" Dog
Maya - "Guard" Dog
The real boss around the EcoVida office, Maya was adopted as a 5-6 week old puppy, after being left at a gas station to fend for herself. Since then, she has endeared herself with the owners and staff of EcoVida and pretty much taken over all decision making (or so she thinks). Here she is pictured under the car that saved her, which she clearly believes is now her property along with everything else around EcoVida. She joined the team in September of 2015.


 EcoVida - Shannon EcoVida - Dave

The owners of EcoVida, Dave and Shannon, will be seen assisting and directing the team when necessary. They will mostly be found behind a computer dealing with back office duties, thus the reason they have no tan. “We rely on our team of wonderful people to provide the utmost in customer service, whether in terms of guest relations & tours, vendor coordination, correspondence with property management clientele or real estate related services. We have worked hard for years to build a team of dedicated people that can provide the kind of service one would expect at a 5 star resort, yet at the same time provide economical pricing – in any of our service and product offerings.” – Shannon and Dave


EcoVida Team November 2015

EcoVida Team November 2015 - Our team has changed a great deal over the years and we're happy to have supplied opportunities/jobs to EcoVida staff and vendors alike since 2010 in Playa Bejuco.


Although our core team is listed above, we have employed many others as they move along their own path and are sad to see them leave our team, moving on to other things.