Frequently Asked Questions - by our Property Owner Clientele

Can you rent out my property?

We only market and rent out properties that our company also maintains either directly or through a respected and trustworthy affiliate. There are plenty of middlemen marketing properties they have never seen in Costa Rica - we take a different approach. We choose to partner with you in order to market your property using our well-respected name, while you provide us the quality rental property that our guests have come to expect. Unfortunately, we do not take every rental property as there are a number of factors that we use to determine whether your vacation rental will be suitable for our marketing initiatives. Please contact us to request a proposal for your property.

How do you handle inquiries about my rental property if you manage multiple properties close to mine?

We consider inquiries on a first-come, first-served basis. Many times, potential guests will inquire about one property and then multiple other EcoVida Properties rentals shortly thereafter, simply because of the enhanced visibility of our properties on marketing sites. We will respond with full details about your property only to try to secure a rental booking first and foremost for your property. We do not respond to every inquiry from the same potential renter and answer only the first inquiry. We will never suggest another property if their requirements fit your rental and will do our utmost to secure your rental. The only exception to this rule is if 1) the potential guest asks in their correspondence with us for a specific requirement that your property cannot fulfill, or 2) your property is not available during the inquiry period.

Why must I prepay for 6 months of service? Why can't I just pay month to month?

In order to keep costs as low as possible, especially for those who have to transfer money for the provision of services from other countries, we must have prepayment in 6 month increments. This also has the added benefit of creating a buffer in the case of emergency, so that we have some funds available to mitigate or resolve problems when they occur. This means that we will only bill you every 6 months and if you wish to prepay for a longer period of time, all the better. If we also pay bills for you, it is important that you have enough funds to carry you through 6 months of bill payments, to avoid complications and interruptions to utilities which make your home un-rentable. We are a reputable company with a history and significant assets backing our operation, so you can have complete faith in our ability to manage your properties and funds.

What is the address of Costa del Sol in Playa Bejuco?

Costa Rica doesn't have official street names and house numbers but you can use the following address:

Condominio Costa del Sol, Casa #,  Playa Bejuco, Parrita, Puntarenas.

When are property and corporation taxes due?

Both these taxes are due yearly. Property taxes can be paid at the municipality in Parrita and if you pay them before March 31st you are eligible for a small discount. The municipality will re-evaluate your property every 5 years to determine your property taxes. A tax for each corporation that you own is due in January of each year. If it is not paid in January then interest begins to accrue. This tax can be paid at Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) and if it is not paid you cannot get personaria juridicas and other documents from the national registry until this overdue amount is paid.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and we will make sure to post them here! Since we have had so many long-term clients, we get so few new questions! Feel free to email us at any time with your suggestions!