Responsible Party – We cater to families generally, and regretfully, no person less than 21 years of age will be permitted to book one of our properties. Bookings for fraternities, sororities, vacationing student groups, or parties are not allowed under any circumstances. Reservations made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all deposits and rent and your occupancy will be terminated. A copy of valid identification, either local government issued ID or a valid passport is required to book for security purposes. All fees, charges, and applicable taxes associated with the property rental are the responsibility of the renting party. For security purposes, all guests must provide valid government identification and their full name to us prior to arrival. Passports are generally the only form of identification accepted for foreigners unless a local “cedula” is held by a guest. This information is held only for the purposes of security and provided to the security gate of the property rental, if applicable. All guests must be listed.

Booking Confirmation & Rental Payment – (If you booked through a third-party booking site, then you must refer to the terms of that site for all payment and confirmation terms.) Reservations are confirmed when the security deposit is received via PayPal. Deposits are taken only via PayPal and returned to PayPal. You may use your credit card at PayPal directly (as a guest) and you do not need a PayPal account already; however, you may need to sign up with PayPal if your deposit and booking dates are more than 60 days apart as PayPal will not refund your security deposit directly to your credit card in this case, but instead store it inside their system where you can then follow their process to transfer it cost free to your bank account. Security deposits vary depending on the term of the vacation rental and electricity consumption* is deducted from the deposit for most of our properties. If your stay with us is of a longer nature, we may ask for a cash payment of electricity at any time to cover any pro-rated balance to ensure enough deposit is left to secure the property contents. The rental amount is separate and apart from the security deposit and is payable either in cash upon arrival or via PayPal a minimum of two (2) days prior to arrival. NOTE: Payment of rental amount via PayPal will incur a 5% service charge (which is normally included in the online quote), less than half of the charges we incur to transfer money to Costa Rica from PayPal. Any additional, optional services provided such as ad-hoc cleaning, translation services or tour bookings must be paid in cash and cannot be taken from your security deposit. We accept payment by credit card (only through PayPal) and cash in the local currency (Colones) or US dollars.

(Note for locals: Costa Rican banks may incur extra charges for any transaction, but we can only use PayPal for reservations. We have had problems a couple of times with BAC San Jose where local credit cards have been funded from Colones, even on USD capable credit cards, so it is important that you check with your bank and PayPal prior to making your deposit. In this case, you would need to sign up for a PayPal account first to ensure that your credit card withdraws in USD so as to avoid any conversion charges between PayPal and your bank. The charges to move your money from PayPal to a local Costa Rican bank will not be free, as they are for most other countries so making a reservation more than 60 days in advance will likely incur additional fees unless you leave the refund in PayPal.)

Please note on any discount offered for payment of the rental amount due on arrival in cash (US Dollars or Colones): Many times schedules do not match and we, or our property manager, will leave a lockbox on the home or cabina and provide you the code. In this case, rent is due and payable by 10am the next business day in the office or directly to our property manager in order to qualify for the cash discount. If payment of rent is delayed, no cash discount will be applied and the full amount on your confirmation will be due and payable in cash or a vacate order will be issued and you will be expected to vacate the vacation rental property with no refund of your security deposit, since this will constitute a breach of agreement and be subject to the loss of all payments made in advance. It is very important that every effort is made to pay the rental amount on arrival or at the very least prior to 10am the following day. This provision is not applicable to guests who have paid via PayPal ahead of arrival or via a third-party booking site.

*Electricity Consumption – Electricity consumption is calculated based on a prorated amount (**prorated over 1 month multiplied by the number of nights stayed and based on the multi-tier system in place with the local electricity provider) on most of our properties and is an additional cost at check-out unless otherwise noted. Meter readings are taken by our staff whom has been trained to read these meters accurately. You will have access to the meter at any time and we recommend that you monitor your usage during your stay. You agree to the meter readings made by our staff unless you have photos of the meter to show a discrepancy.  We make every effort to take photos of the meter on check-in and check-out, but this is not guaranteed. You agree to these terms when booking and we will not debate electricity readings or consumption rates after your check-out as we have no control over your consumption and are charged based on the meter. As a general rule, the more people in a vacation property, the cost will be exponentially higher. This will be due to more A/C, hot water and clothing dryer usage. Air conditioning is the highest consumer of electricity and should be used sparingly to cool off individual rooms. If you choose to run air conditioners all night long, you will find your electricity consumption is very high.

** Proration of the tiered rate system from the electricity provider means that your consumption rate is calculated and you pay based on the rate of consumption, not on a linear scale. For example, if the rate system specifies the first 200 Kwh at one rate and the next 200 Kwh at an increased rate, you would be charged the prorated consumption within both of these rates since your consumption rate would be a prorated portion of both tiers. If you require further explanation of how this calculation is done, please let us know prior to booking.

Cancellations – (If you booked through a third-party booking site, then you must refer to the terms of that site for cancellation terms.) Please be certain of your plans prior to booking as vacation rentals book up months in advance and cancellation will generally incur costs due to lost rental income. Cancellation of this reservation may result in a cancellation fee along with associated costs. If cancellation occurs PRIOR to 90 days before arrival, the cancellation fee will be one half of the rental amount. If cancellation occurs WITHIN 90 days of arrival date, the total rental amount due or equivalent value in deposits will be forfeited, unless the property is re-rented. If your unit is re-booked for the same period, a full refund (less $200 re-booking fee) will be sent back via PayPal minus any transfer charges. If a portion of your time is re-booked, a pro-rata portion of the rental payments will be refunded (less $200 re-booking fee). The owner reserves the right to cancel this reservation should the property be removed from the vacation rental market. If this is the case, a full refund will be issued, and every effort will be made to locate a suitable replacement property.

On rare occasion, a reserved property may become unavailable due to unanticipated conditions beyond our control. We accept no liability for such an occurrence, financial or otherwise, but will make every effort to provide you with equal accommodation at the same rental rate. If we are unable to do so, or if you do not accept a provided alternative, the unused rental fees and charges will be refunded.

Changes - Modifications to your reservation, including but not limited to the following, will incur a $50 administration fee upon each occurrence.
1) Number of persons. (If possible and permitted based on previous terms.)
2) Shifting dates. (If possible depending on availability)
3) Any other changes that pertain to administrative work by our team.
NOTE: Cancellations are not considered a change as it pertains to this clause, so please understand the cancellation policy and associated fees as referenced under “Cancellations”.

Pricing - Reservations are confirmed at the rates in effect on the date the booking is made. We reserve the right to correct oversights, omissions, and clerical errors as well as system errors that provide incorrect pricing. In the event an adjustment of this nature increases the cost of your booking, you will be given the option to accept the revised reservation or terminate it with no penalty.

Property Use & Responsibility – You become responsible for the security of the cabina or rented home-condominium and all of its contents upon check-in, and remain responsible until you vacate and complete the check-out at the conclusion of your stay. The rental property is inspected and its contents inventoried prior to each guest arrival and cleaned and inventoried again upon check-out. We are not obligated to provide our guests this inventory and replacements costs of items broken or missing are set by us unless you offer an alternative that we can accept as equivalent replacement since costs incurred to replace items will include transportation costs along with the actual purchase price of items. You are financially responsible for any and all losses or damage due to your occupancy and while in your possession. We appreciate notification of any losses or broken items so that we can minimize this cost to you in the unlikely event that losses are incurred. You agree that any damage or missing items will be evaluated and determined at the discretion of the EcoVida Properties staff and/or the owner of the property.

Your rental home or cabina is to be used as a personal vacation rental residence only. You shall not assign or sublet said premises or any part thereof. You agree to abide by all municipal and local rules and regulations and all homeowner association covenants or conditions pertaining to this rental unit. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations shall be cause for our termination of this agreement and you agree to vacate the property upon notification of an infraction. If these rules are broken, your security deposit is forfeited.

Please DO NOT dump oil or food down the kitchen sink as charges will be incurred to flush the system. Please DO NOT flush any garbage down the toilets. Small amounts of toilet paper can be accepted in our homes, while our eco-friendly cabinas cannot accept any toilet paper or garbage and sealed trash cans are provided for disposal of all toilet paper and other sanitary items. Charges will be incurred to flush the system if it is determined that any items have been deposited contrary to this rule. Our grey/black water systems are very delicate, so you agree to pay for any issues resulting in misuse of these systems.

Occupancy Limitations – Each rental property has specific occupancy limits and rules of conduct which must be strictly enforced. The number of adults, minors, infants and pets that will occupy your rental property must be stated at the time of booking. Property lines, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of neighbors must be respected at all times, with “quiet hours” observed between 10 PM and 7AM each night. Increased occupancy, vehicle traffic, excessive noise, or illegal activity, will result in a $500 penalty fee, eviction, and the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals.

Only guests registered at the time of booking will be permitted at the property. No swapping of guests are allowed during the booking unless paid for as an additional guest (under the maximum permitted on property) and approved by management. We reserve the right to refuse any changes in guests and will only do so given 24 hours notice and entirely at our discretion.

Day guests – Guests for the day are permitted at our discretion depending on the number of occupants already registered in the rental property and will incur a fee for each guest and those guests are not permitted overnight as per our Occupancy Limitations. In order to inquire whether a day guest will be permitted and the associated fee, you can email us or the property manager prior or during your stay, well ahead of the request for a day guest. We will not accept any day guests under any circumstances if they simply arrive at the gate  requesting access. Please refer to the Occupancy Limitations above for the penalty for breaking our occupancy limit.

Pets – A limited number of properties allow pet stays, subject to specific approval, supplemental daily rent and use restrictions. The presence of undeclared or unauthorized pets in any property will result in a $500 penalty, as well as possible eviction and forfeiture of pre-paid rents. We do not guarantee that any property is free of pet dander or other pet conditions even when pets are not accepted as the property owner may have pets in the property when they are in residence. Read Pet Policy and Insurance Policy’s for Pets.

Supplies – Each property is allocated basic cleaning supplies to get you started. All supplies used must be replaced prior to check-out and it is your responsibility to purchase these items from our local supermarket during your stay, as required, or prior to check-out. Supplies for your vacation rental may include: toilet paper, dishwasher soap, liquid dish soap, laundry detergent, disinfectant, etc. Shampoo, hand soap and conditioner found in the EcoVida dispensers are complimentary; however, removal or damage of these dispensers will incur a charge against your security deposit. We will offer a discount to guests that notify us and pay for the damage or non-replacement of items prior to or upon check-out. Rags are provided below the kitchen sink for cleaning. Please DO NOT use bath towels, pool towels or kitchen towels for cleaning floors, bathrooms, etc. These same rags are used in the mop handles supplied at each property.

Housekeeping – Each property is thoroughly cleaned between guests. The cleaning fee is included in the rental fee; however, this is based on normal usage and we reserve the right to add a cleaning fee of up to $100 if the property is not left in a reasonable condition. (Washing of linens and towels is included in regular cleaning.) If you wish more frequent cleaning during your stay, additional housekeeping may be scheduled at an additional charge.

Excessively littered and/or dirty conditions at check-out will result in extended housekeeping hours, and will be charged to your security deposit, or, if none tendered, to the credit card used to pay for your occupancy. Should it be necessary to clean carpets, remove stains, repaint, repair finishes, or replace furnishings, textiles, or house wares, you will be charged for labor, materials, and merchandise, plus a 20% service and handling fee.

You are responsible for the proper use and operation of all appliances and fixtures within your rental property and to keep it in the same clean condition. You are responsible for, and will be charged for, any repair or replacement expense that results from failure to comply with these stipulations. You are responsible for, and will be charged for, any elimination of drain blockages caused by improper use of plumbing fixtures.

You agree that the condition of the property and its contents will be evaluated by our staff and/or the owner of the property. Basic cleaning is included in your rental fee but is limited to a maximum of 6 hours of cleaning. You agree that extra cleaning (more than 6 hours -- which is determined by the cleaning staff) will be deducted from your deposit at a rate of 5000 colones/hour at our discretion. If extra guests (more than the listed occupancy maximum,) are permitted into the property with special permission then you may be charged an additional cleaning fee on booking.

No Smoking – Smoking on the premises of any vacation rental property is prohibited. If tobacco odor is noted on check out, a $200 penalty charge will apply in addition to additional cleaning and fumigation costs.

Structural and Environmental Precautions – Renters are advised that many properties  have, or are in proximity to, structural or environmental circumstances that could pose physical hazards. These may include, but are not limited to,  rocky terrain, rivers, pools,  steep slopes, cliffs, interior and exterior stairways, terraces and decks, slippery conditions, sharp objects, noxious plants, and insects. We request that you ask our reservation department about specific hazards prior to booking. Do not book a property if you believe there may be a condition that poses unusual risk to any member of your party. You hereby release the owner and the rental agency from all personal safety risks and liability associated with the property you rent.

You will be visiting a tropical country with its own ecosystem, very different from the ecosystem you are most likely accustomed to. Please be aware that there are creatures of all types in this country and although our properties set a high standard, please do not be alarmed when you see a scorpion, ants, bats or other small insects/animals. There are snakes and crocodiles, although generally these never reach our properties, but be aware that part of your vacation may involve spotting all kinds of creatures. There is nothing to be alarmed about and it comes with the territory. Scorpions sting like a wasp and you will most likely never see a snake or any other creature that some find unsavoury, unless you want to. We use non-toxic, environmentally safe repellents to keep the critters away from the properties, but you will inevitably see some. This is a fact of life. If you are looking for a completely sterile environment, visit Disneyland instead.

Amenities – All properties are furnished with towels, bed linens, and a small supply of paper products and soap. It is advisable to bring your own soap/shampoo and other related products, or purchase them upon arrival to our area. Please review the additional amenities provided in the properties you reserve and contact us for additional details or assistance to make your stay more comfortable.

Telephone Calls – Most of our properties do not have telephones, although some use VOIP and provide free phone calls to the US and Canada. Skype calls are the most popular and are recommended for connecting with loved ones at home. Be aware that cell phone coverage may not available at all properties.

Check-in –  Key access, driving directions, emergency contacts, and check-out information is provided either prior to your arrival via e-mail or upon arrival depending on the location of the property you have reserved. Those who arrive late or on a holiday will be provided a lockbox code to gain entry to the property unless other arrangements are made prior to arrival.

Following check-in, it is essential that you notify us promptly if anything seems amiss at the property. Also, it is important that you review the information binder provided in each property, as it contains important property details, operating instructions, emergency procedures, and sometimes an inventory of contents.

Check-out – On your check-out day, the premises must be vacated by 10 AM . Because of our turn around time we cannot grant a late check-out on most occasions; however, please inquire with us prior to check-out and we will do our best to accommodate.


  1. Garbage is to be deposited in the container provided for the property. Please follow instructions provided at the property. Each of our properties are different.
  2. Place all deck chair cushions in their respective places inside property.
  3. Check all windows and doors and make sure they are locked and secured properly including back deck sliding doors.
  4. Return all towels as you will be charged $25 for each missing towel.
  5. Use provided grill scraper/brush to remove remaining food after grilling if a BBQ is included in the property.

Please refer to our check-out procedures provided online at:

Hold Over - If you cause an unauthorized hold over of your rental unit, you will be charged one and one-half times the daily prorated rent, plus any additional damages incurred including, but not limited to, the cost of alternative housing for an incoming guest displaced by such hold over.

Personal Property - All personal property you bring to the premises shall be your responsibility and we are not liable for any damage to or loss of such property. We are not responsible for any personal items left in the unit upon vacating and such items can only be returned by shipment at your expense plus a handling fee determined by us at the time.

Keys – Keys will be provided in person at check-in or provided in a lockbox. Some properties do not provide remote control garage door openers for security reasons. At times, guests have locked their keys inside a given property. We accept no responsibility for the loss of access to a property due to negligence of a guest so please take great care with the keys to the property. If we or our property manager are called after office hours to provide access to the property, you will be charged a fee from $25-$100 depending on travel time by the owners or a staff member with access to spare keys. If no spare keys are available, this fee may be applied in addition to the cost of a locksmith to coordinate entry to the property.

Key Return – Please coordinate with us to return the keys at check-out along with any other items such as garage door openers. If all provided keys are not returned at check-out there will be a $50.00 charge per key for any keys NOT returned. If concerns for property security make it necessary for us to immediately re-key a given lock, you will be charged $150.00 to re-key the property.  You agree not to duplicate keys provided, or to change locks at any time.

Right of Access - You will allow our company, staff or authorized vendors access to the unit for inspections and/or repairs with a two hour notice. In the event of an emergency we or the property owner has the right to enter the unit without notice for the purpose of emergency repairs.

Hold Harmless – EcoVida Properties, the property manager, and the property owner assume no liability for loss, damage, or injury to guests or their personal property. You hereby fully release and discharge EcoVida Properties,the property manager, and the property owner from all claims, damages, or causes of action by reason of any injury or other cause, and hold EcoVida Properties, the property manager, and the property owner free and harmless of any claim or suit arising from you or any other guest in connection with the occupancy of the premises. In any action concerning duties or liabilities of the parties, you agree to venue in the county where your occupancy occurs and the prevailing party will be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs.

We accept no liability for stoppages of transportation, utility services, inclement weather conditions, or natural disasters that may occur before, after, or during a vacation property rental period, nor can we be responsible for any other conditions beyond our control. These conditions include, but are not limited to, appliance or mechanical failure, cable/satellite TV, loss of Internet access if provided, or any other such event.

Our properties are maintained and checked on weekly, but that does not mean that problems will not occur during your stay, especially with electrical devices such as air-conditioning units, etc. The high humidity and salt air has an effect on everything and even with our preventative maintenance, problems do occur from time to time. We cannot take any responsibility for problems of this nature and we wish to make it clear to all our guests that there is always the possibility of a problem. Electricity and water outages also occur from time to time all over Costa Rica. All we can do is try to address the problem as quickly as possible given our location. We will always do our best to solve any issues that may occur that are within our limited control; however, we do not provide discounts or refunds because of problems outside of our control. Instead we offer the best possible rate and provide the best possible service.

If any provision of this agreement is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of this agreement. You remain responsible for any damage, repair, or replacement expenses exceeding the amount of Security Deposit you may otherwise provide.

Pet Policy   

Although many of the properties we represent are designated “PET FRIENDLY,” acceptance of individual pets is ultimately subject to the property owner’s approval. Please be aware that some insurance policies prohibit renting properties to guests traveling with specific breeds of dogs.

The following information is required for EACH pet prior to acceptance.


Age of Pet

Breed & Weight

Name of Pet

When pets are accepted, the following terms, conditions, and restrictions will apply:

A Damage Deposit of $250 will be required in addition to the regular security deposit.

All pet droppings must be removed from the premises and disposed of prior to departure or a pick up fee will apply. Guests are responsible for actions of their pets. Pets are not permitted to wander from the rental property, or in any way disturb neighboring properties or their residents. Should the welfare of the rental property or quiet enjoyment of any neighbor be compromised, you will be required to remove the pet from the premises. Should this occur, you remain responsible for fulfilling all other rental conditions and the financial commitment for the entire rental period.

Costa Rica does have significant wildlife and you should walk your pets with a leash at all time for you and your pet’s safety. Inside of gated communities, pets mush always be walked on a leash.

Pools: Properties with pools must be enjoyed according to our pool rules. No creams or lotions are permitted in the pools and showering prior to entering community or private pools is mandatory. If these rules are broken, extra chemicals and labor will be charged to your security deposit to maintain the pool(s) in the condition they are accustom to.

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